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Summer 2024 Camp Information 

Seriously, don't miss these. Best. Camps. Ever.

Shrek Jr Image.jpg


Shrek: Emory

Donkey: Ella

Farquaad: Colton

Fiona: Skyler

Gingy*: Ivanna

Pinocchio*: Lily

Dragon: Zora

Teen Fiona*: Julie

Young Fiona*: Lila

Wicked Witch*: Mya

Big Bad Wolf*: Olivia

3 Little Pigs*: Britton, Jordan, Scarlett

Mama Bear*: Grace 

Papa Bear*: Harrison

Baby Bear*: Addie

Peter Pan*: Abhir

Ugly Duckling*: Lainey

Pied Piper*: Ryan

3 Blind Mice*: Brynnlee, Avery, Rebecca

Rooster*: Molly

Captain of the Guard*: James

Guards*: Cheyenne, Dakota

Mama Ogre*: Julie

Papa Ogre*: Harrison

Little Shrek*: Addie

Bishop*: Violet

Dwarf*: Hugo


* Denotes members of the Fairy Tale Ensemble


Dance Captain: Zora

Date: July 8 - July 25 (Mon - Thurs)

Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Performance: July 25, 5:00 pm

Location: Cypress Springs Elementary School Stage

Instructor: Meg Steiner and Meteor Theatre staff

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