Otherworldly Theatre.

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The mission of Dripping Springs Meteor Theatre & Art House is to enrich the cultural life of area residents through entertainment and education.


The Meteor Theatre shall provide the opportunity to enhance creativity, community, and world view through participation in quality artistic experiences.



We are seeking motivated, connected individuals to assist in making the dream a reality. 

You have a role to play. Together, we can build a community where everyone has the tools to create and consume transformative art. Join us.

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A Place for Arts.

Dripping Springs, a suburb of Austin and a small-town-Texas gem, is often referred to as the Gateway to the Hill Country. It is home to a rapidly expanding population of educated, passionate, and generous community members who value the arts and recognize creativity as a powerful means to connect, entertain, and inspire. This Dark Sky Community is known for it’s spectacular views of big and bright stars at night, but does not yet offer a means to enrich the gifted stars living among us, or those who appreciate the experience of professional live theatre. Meteor Theatre & Arts Center wishes to fill this void by creating a space dedicated to enriching the lives of community members through productions, classes, workshops, and events.  


With a fully equipped indoor theatre and rehearsal studio as its central point, the Dripping Springs Meteor Theatre & Art House will serve as a space dedicated to joyful cooperation with inspiration. A starlit outdoor pavilion in close proximity to hip food trucks will make the center an ideal location for Shakespeare in the Park, Poetry Slams, Open Mic Nights, Outdoor Summer Musicals, Whimsical Art Shows, Film Premieres, Meditation, Fitness Classes, and Concerts. The center’s vision includes a large, naturally lit visual art studio dedicated to painting, sculpting, and mosaic. Additionally, there will be a recording studio that supports musical collaboration and promotion. Meteor will serve the young and young at heart by facilitating experiences that awaken creativity and inspire authentic, innovative, and courageous living.

The Dripping Springs Meteor Theatre & Art House is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.